Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When the class war comes...

... Public Radio International will be the first to plea the fif.

On my way home from visiting a family struggling with a 14 yr old kid (who, *gasp*, doesn't give a shit if he's suspended every month or if his parent's are worried about him cuz he can't conceptualize a future where his "demerit card" matters) I listened to some random NPR. Someone besides Terry Gross (who always gets a pass) put together some half-baked pieces on an ex-hedge fund advisor's book of poetry, and an upper-middle class NYC couple's financial woes. Marty and ... I dunno... what's the difference... let's say 'Susanna' Edelman live on the Upper East Side. Susanna's looking for her dream job teaching something insipid or other (while her grandparents direct deposit like $12 grand in her account every year (as they have since she was born), and Marty is an assistant professor.

Some reporter (emotive in a 12 year old girl reading 'Superfudge' out loud in 1981-kinda way) wove the harrowing tale of Marty's dad being a high-powered attorney with Merrill Lynch and *oooooo* almost losing his job, and Marty and Susy's investments nearly going sour... It went on from there... complete with the phrase that pays- "nest egg," and the lines, "We're painting our living room with Benjamin Moore paint! Marty and I thought we'd splurge!" and "This whole economic thing really made us appreciate what we have!"

I wish the gods would favor me with how to tell you in a facebook note how happy I am for you guys! Also, I wish I could drown you both in your living room paint. Thanks for keepin it relevant, NPR. Ain't it so precious how public radio can't survive anymore without giving the plutocracy a reach-around?

Thursday, October 2, 2008